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The New Planning Program

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Nearly a year ago, the City began reviewing the Urban Planning Program with the main objective of proposing a renewed vision of planning and development of the territory. The Urban Planning Program is essential for a city, since it sets the guidelines for its development for the upcoming years. This document becomes a reference that guides and oversees development. It defines the basis for new by-laws and guides the action plan.

The “Pointe-Claire consults you!” website will be one of the tools used to engage residents and collaborators and get everyone working together. The City will regularly share information on this website. Citizens of Pointe-Claire and collaborators will also have the opportunity to get involved in the various activities, which will be offered in the months to come.

This exercise shows the City's desire to take stock of the current development of the territory, and determine the desirable trajectory for urban development in the years to come.

To be informed at each step of the consultation process and to participate, we invite you to subscribe to the platform and to the project. Become an active and involved collaborator in reviewing the Urban Planning Program and its by-laws!

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